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QuinLED Dig Quad v3 With Acrylic case

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The onboard QuinLED ESP32 module with generic WLED support comes in 2 different variants and preloaded software.

QuinLED Dig Quad perfectly integrates into your home automation or performs as a stand alone solution!

Technical details:

  • QuinLED ESP32 based programmable LED controller with 4 independent output channels
  • Compatible to open firmware e.g. ESPhome, ESPpixelstick or custom Arduino code
  • Integrates with MQTT or Home Assistant native API (use WLED FW)
  • Remote control available via Android or iOS app (WLED FW)
  • Can be used for E1.31 with Xlights /Vixen software (use WLED or ESPpixelstick FW)
  • High current handling (up to 30A)
  • On-board 5x 5A fuse and reverse polarity protection
  • Compatible to 5V*, 12V**, 24V*** LED strips, strings or panels
  • On-board DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 6 GPIO pins (e.g. Audio, PS Relay, IR control or I2C display)
  • Works with most currently available LED strips/strings or panels*

* ws2811, ws2812b, sk6812, APA102

**ws2811, ws2815

***ws2811, sk6812, tm1814

Product content:

  • QuinLED Dig Quad LED controller board
  • QuinLED ESP32 WIFI module with USB-C interface (2 different variants available)
  • 5x 5A fuses
  • NEW - bigger screw terminals for easier cable management
  • Pre flashed WLED firmware for instant use


  • With a few simple steps to a working system
  • Easy to use and at the same time ready for complex setups
  • Extremely detailed library and resources
  • Very supportive community and developer
  • You have a question to LED and LED related applications - go QuinLED

    Youtube introduction and instructions (click on the text):

    More details and resources here:

    • In depth information on LEDs
    • Wiring diagrams, articles, simply everything related to LEDs