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T-piece power injector 13.5mm(Ray Wu) type 3 core T type waterproof splitter

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(3-2-3 for power injection) 13.5mm Ray wu type 3 core T type waterproof splitter;BLACK color;

Note: the V+ (brown wire)on the incoming 3 core male side is not connected and the 2 core male connector is included.
To easily distinguish that this is a modified T,we put a white nut on the incoming 3 core male side.

Product Name

3Pin Waterproof Connector

Way to Connect

Male and Female Ends Push In

Material (External)

PVC Plastic



Cable data


13.5mm Ray wu type

Total Length (Connect)

40cm (Approx.)



Package Content

1 x LED 3 Pin Waterproof Connector Cable